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Stainless Steel Manifolds - 3000 psi

Orbital-welded 6 pack Manifold (CGA 580 - 3000psi) Orbital-welded and Made with 316 stainless steel throughout!.  Designed to work with high purity gases.  For example, consider this manifold for your high grade gas instrumental calibration.

Non Conforming 6 pack Manifold (CGA 580 - 3000psi)

304 type stainless steel manifold with 3/4 inch NPT CGA580 Brass valves with Brass connectors to allow you to connect 6 cylinders at once for inert gas service (Nitrogen, Argon, Helium).  This manifold is customized to fit non conforming frames.  Inquire for your customization requirements.

Single loop 6 pack Manifold (CGA 350 - 3000psi)

Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and 3/4 inch NPT stainless valves and connectors, this manifold allows you to connect 6 cylinders at once for high volume hydrogen service applications.